Holding onto ME

I will not
Can not
Lose myself

There is only
1 ME
On this beautiful Earth

Holding on tight
To my dignity and
Self worth

A 1-of-a-kind jewel
For purpose

If you know your value, you won’t let others put a price on you.

You’re Not Present

You’re either thinking about yesterday or tomorrow.
When you’re with someone,
you’re thinking about someone else, or
wondering what else you could be doing.
You’re not in the moment,
you’re often somewhere else!
You’re missing so much on life,
because you’re not in the moment.
You’re not present!

Laundry Relaxes Me


Sometimes the mundane things in life bring the most relaxation. On days when my brain is fried, I do laundry.

Sure, laundry is usually an annoying chore for most people. But, the freshness and sheer accomplishment of an empty dirty laundry basket is so rewarding.

What seemingly “annoying” tasks bring you peace and relaxation?

Finding Peace in the Moment

Trying to empty my head of all that noise, the hamster wheel that keeps on spinning. Creating room for healthier thoughts, more joyful balanced sounds. Determined to escape the frenzy, the anxiety waiting to take over.

Feeling stretched in so many directions, that never-ending list.

Oh to be free again, from worry, stress, and responsibility. Guarding my heart and mind, from perfection and high expectations. Returning to the things that bring me joy, like writing and photography.

Finding tranquility in the present moment, not worrying about tomorrow.

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you (Isaiah 26:3).





Different people for different seasons

People come in all shapes and sizes
For different reasons and seasons
Some come to uplift and encourage
Others to whip you into shape
Folks may come to reveal truths,
Your heart chooses to ignore
Some friends are seasonal,
Sent to carry you through peaks and valleys
Take time to appreciate people,
They may be angels in disguise

Problems as Perspective Lifters

Welcome problems as perspective lifters.
Viewed from above, the obstacle that frustrated you
is only a light and momentary trouble (~ Sarah Young)


The Have and Have Nots

Take nothing for granted, not even the rising of the sun.

When you focus on what you don’t have or on difficult situations, your mind becomes distracted.

You take for granted life, health, salvation, family, sunshine, flowers, and countless other gifts from God. You look for what is wrong and refuse to enjoy life until that situation is resolved.

Folks, let’s not get our priorities twisted by focusing on what we don’t have rather than being thankful for the numerous things we have freely available. Things that have been bought and purchased by The Cross.

WPC: Reflections


When was the last time you looked at yourself in the mirror? I mean really, truly connected with the person staring back at you. Did you smile back and say, “Hi there good-looking?” Or did you quickly turn away, uncomfortable with your reflection?

Today, while at the mirror, I decided to look deeper. I pushed past the gnarly white hairs and acne scars, and mined deep.

Truth is, I don’t like mirrors or cameras; I’m not one to post selfies.

Then again, I’ll catch my daughter connecting with her reflection: chatting away, high-fiving, and even blowing kisses at her mirror self.

So where did I go wrong? When did I lose my fierce self-confidence, or was it never fully developed?

The Fight of Her Life

She fought her way into this world,
darkness tried to snuff her, but she refused to die.
She was created for purpose,
darkness tried to seduce her, but she chose to live.

The noose around her neck tightened. The same cord that kept her alive for many months was now suffocating her. Her tiny heart pumped furiously, trying to keep up with the oxygen demand. Her neurons fired rapidly; messages signalling danger activated her fight or flight response. All systems were geared for battle.

Voices from beyond shouted, “We need to move quickly. We only have 5 minutes to get her out.”

Though she felt trapped and frightened, she focused on the light emanating from the angels assigned to her. The 2 beautiful, statuesque beings held her tiny hands and sang melodies:

You shall go out with joy
And be let forth with peace,
And the mountains and the hills
Will break forth before you
There’ll be shouts of joy
And all the trees of the fields
Will clap, will clap their hands

“Three more minutes,” the voices shouted. “OK, I can do this,” she fought valiantly.

Suddenly, there was a flood of light. Blinded, she screamed. Choking, she contorted her body like a wild animal.

She was out.

“So this is my new home,” she smiled. She waved good-bye to her winged protectors and collapsed in exhaustion.


On the Other Side


don’t waste time thinking
you’re not qualified,
don’t feed into those doubts.

as your mind flip-flops
between what’s possible
and impossible,
your heart races,
about all you could be doing,
the very things
your mind is shushing.

others may say,
“yes you can, yes you can,”
but without faith,
these words are meaningless.
unless you step out of the boat
and cross to the other side,
you will never discover
what’s truly in you