How to Cure Negative Mindsets

Ignorance … fear of failure … excuses … defeatism
As you think in your heart, so you are
It’s impossible … I can’t … I don’t know how… it’s too late
Break the cycle of negative expressions

Admit mistakes, befriend failure
Take ownership, avoid the blame game
Renew your mind
Free your heart from offence
Release your past
Go boldly into the future

So next time negativity comes knocking:
Change your worldview—brighten your outlook
Stop enumerating problems—find solutions
Pursue SMART goals—specific/measurable/attainable/relevant/timely
Believe: I can do all things through Christ
Declare: I am a blessing to the world

Now the choice is yours … be the solution!

A high and attainable goal and being focused on it, is the best cure for laziness, excuses, offence, and hatred ~ Sunday Adelaja


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