Grow Your Brain

Your brain ’tis like a muscle
Changing and strengthening with use
Exercise your brain through learning
Develop and practice new skills

Billions of tiny cells called neurons
Nature’s super highway
Marvels of communication
Transmitters of new information

Neurons are hardworking
Relaying messages
With speed and accuracy
Helping you think and problem-solve
Diligently building networks

To be a brain athlete
You’ve got to work your mind
Neurogenesis—the birth of new neurons
Gets triggered as you learn

Exercise and blueberries
They’ll cause your brain to grow
Meditation and enriched environments
Will boost your brain cells too

Grow your memory through discipline
Specialize in your domain
Practice, embrace challenges
The stronger your brain will be

This blog post was inspired by an article titled, Flummoxed by Failure—or Focused?” by Ken Bain.

2 thoughts on “Grow Your Brain

  1. Loved the article link. I struggle with bipolar and the whole point if therapy is to retrain and change your brain. Its always a great encouragement to read more research about the incredible ability of our minds


    • Hey Nicole. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I do however admire your attitude towards your situation. The brain is such a malleable and complicated organ, and yet so vulnerable at the same time. It’s up to us to train and feed our minds with godly, wholesome, and nourishing goodness. There is never any excuse for ignorance. All the best with everything 🙂


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