~ Ma-Afrika ~

Womb of our fathers
Birthplace of humanity
Once dubbed hopeless
Today nations flock to you

 ~ Ma-Afrika ~

See your prodigals
Returning in droves
Coming home
To build—kujenga
Taking responsibility
Forsaking disunity
Finding opportunity
Where there is need
Allure of the West
No more

 ~ Ma-Afrika ~

Eagerly awaiting
Breathless with anticipation
For your children
To be revealed
Manifested sons
And daughters
African émigrés
Repatriate generation
Plugged in
Giving back
Bringing hope

 ~ Ma-Afrika ~

Heaven hears
Your blood-soaked cries
Agents for transformation
Soldiers for reformation
Laying foundations
For a new generation
Arise Ma-Afrika
A new day is coming!

 Africa unite! Unite for the benefit of your people! Unite for it’s later than you think! Unite for the benefit of my children! ~ Bob Marley


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