Racial and Religious Persecution Against Sunday Adelaja

The following is an urgent appeal written on behalf of Pastor Sunday Adelajaby Pastor Dala Alphonso of the Consulate of God in Omaha, Nebraska. 

Pastor Sunday Adelaja, an African immigrant and missionary from Nigeria, is the Senior Pastor of  The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for all Nations with headquarters in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. The Embassy of God which was founded 18 years ago with 7 members is today considered the largest evangelical Church in Europe; all to the glory of God.

Over the years, the Embassy of God and Pastor Sunday Adelaja have grown in capacity and influence due to the conscientious work of advancing the Kingdom of God in Ukraine and around the world. Attesting to this is the fact that the erstwhile elected Mayor of the City of Kiev, along with about 30 percent of the Kiev city council members are from the Church. Clearly, this has not gone unnoticed by the political elite of the Nation.

International influence

Pastor Sunday’s influence has also been noted by both Christian and mainstream media around the world, such as the Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Washington Post, Reuters, Associated Press, CNN, BBC, and German, Dutch and French national television. The Wall Street Journal called him “A Man with a Mission” set out to save Kyiv and the former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushenko acknowledged his very visible and strong advocacy for democracy in Ukraine during the Orange revolution and after. His selfless efforts in helping the underprivileged in Ukraine have drawn the attention of world leaders including former President of the United States, Bill Clinton who invited him to the Clinton Global Initiative; former Mayor of New York City Rudolph Giuliani, Israeli Prime Minsters, Ariel Sharon and Benjamin Netanyahu. Pastor Sunday has also been accorded the rare privilege to lead prayers on the senate floor of the United States, the Japanese senate and also a speaker at the United Nations for three sessions.

Pastor Sunday and the Embassy of God in Ukraine have continually been the subject of varied discrimination and attacks on their faith both politically, racially and otherwise; primarily due to their evangelical stance in a predominantly orthodox nation and more so, a congregation of over 99 percent white Europeans that is being led by an African. This xenophobia has been a subject of debate at the Ukrainian parliament and deemed “a national disgrace” to have a “black man” have such influence and capacity to lead their people.

Racial and religious persecution

Approximately 4 years ago, Pastor Sunday Adelaja was accused of fraud by the Ukraine government in relation to a capital venture company (King’s Capital) that went broke as a result of the global economic meltdown. In addition to several members of the Church who have been arrested and unjustly imprisoned without a hearing for refusing to give false evidence against Pastor Sunday, 3 others were arrested this week.

After a year of pretrials preceding over 3 years of investigations, the Ukrainian government is either unwilling or unable to proceed to trial (due to lack of evidence, even after 4 years of investigation). Having failed to take this case to trial, the Ukrainian government has now decided to charge Pastor Sunday Adelaja with founding, managing and leading a crime syndicate.

On Tuesday August 21, 2012, Pastor Sunday was informed by the Ukraine government that these new charges will be brought against him and as a result have been ordered to come in on Tuesday, August 28, 2012 with the intent of having him placed under arrest.

There is no merit in this accusation and the evidence attests that:

  • Pastor Sunday who had no role or interest and was never a part of this business organization was charged along with the owners of the bankrupt company simply because one principal was a member of the Embassy of God Church.
  •  The next election is in a couple months: it is a systemic effort to discredit, persecute and incriminate Pastor Sunday from his work as the spiritual leader of the Embassy of God in Ukraine in order to dissuade votes in favor of the opposition.

This is a textbook case of xenophobia and discrimination on religious ground against the largest protestant Church in Ukraine and racism towards its founding Pastor; with the latter being a matter of concern even during the recently concluded European cup where anyone of a darker skin pigmentation was cautioned about visiting Ukraine.

Global intervention is needed because all evidence indicates that Pastor Sunday Adelaja will not be given a fair trial (if any) because of his race and faith.

A call to action

  1. Bring this matter to the attention of your government leaders and have them contact the Ukrainian government directly on this matter. Specifically, direct calls to the President, Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Ukraine.
  2. If there is a way to get in touch with heads of states, presidents and powerful political figures, people like President Obama, Hilary Clinton, European Union President, Tony Blair and other former or presents world leaders that can call the Ukrainian President directly, we ask you to help raise this topic with them.
  3. A direct appeal to the President of Ukraine, Victor Yanukovych, the Prime Minister and Foreign Affair ministry could stop this injustice against the Senior Pastor of the Embassy of God Church, Sunday Adelaja.
  4. Contact World or European civil rights groups and organization on racial or religious freedom. Inform them of this direct assault of Pastor Sunday Adelaja in Ukraine.
  5. Draw this injustice to the attention of national mainstream media in the United States and Europe to ensure transparency in the Ukrainian judicial system.
  6. Sign the online petition TODAY.

REMEMBER that time is of extreme importance because on Tuesday, August 28, 2012, Pastor Sunday Adelaja is required to report to the police base where all the other accused individuals in this case were arrested and detained without any trial.

Please sign this petition to ensure that Pastor Sunday is not imprisoned without any true evidence of wrong doing or better yet, drop these baseless charges against him.


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