Guard Your Lips

Social media has revolutionized the way we communicate and interact, both positively and negatively. I’m always dumbfounded when I read about grown folk (from all walks of life) getting into ugly rifts and tiffs on social media.

In this day and age, where so much of our interaction occurs online, are we forgetting our manners? Is humanity regressing and losing the ability to communicate respectfully? Is common courtesy and etiquette an extinct species in cyberland? These questions and more inspired the following:

Critical words are ill-fitting,
burgeoning at the seams of society
Ill-spoken, condescending, unsavory remarks
spreading poison at every utterance

The tongue, ‘tis wily, a restless evil
spewing dichotomies from its orifice
Swords of sarcasm, ridicule, and slander
wreaking havoc like an untamed fire

From the same tongue come curse and blessing
death and life are in its power
They who control their tongue are wise
keep guard over the door of your lips

In all our communications, whether in the “real” or “virtual” world, let’s always:

Be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to become angry (James 1:19)

Grow yourself:

Copyright © 2012 Uwana.


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