Who Knew? Cancer Talk Show on YouTube…

Cancer survivorship is an important aspect of a patient’s treatment and recovery. It includes the physical, emotional, and day-to-day issues of the cancer journey, beginning at the time of diagnosis and continuing during and after treatment.

That being said, I was jazzed to find out that Novartis is launching a YouTube cancer talk show about advanced breast cancer. This is part of Novartis’ ongoing efforts to bring much needed awareness to advanced breast cancer and to stimulate conversations surrounding treatment and survivorship. Information about this initiative was published by Dominic Tyer at PMLive and is reproduced below.

The first episode of the Each Voice Counts talk show series features 4 women sharing their stories of life with advanced breast cancer.

Novartis’ key product in the disease landscape is Afinitor® (everolimus), which gained European approval for advanced breast cancer in July 2012, just days after US regulators passed it for the same indication.

The Each Voice Counts talk show follows the relaunch of Novartis’ global AdvancedBreastCancerCommunity.org website—a collaboration between Novartis and Inspire, which builds and manages online support communities for patients and carers.


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