Joy In Mourning

To Baba, in loving memory …

October 25, 2012 will forever be etched in my mind: the day my father was tragically killed in a vehicular accident.

The day before Baba died, I had been preoccupied with doing “stuff” … the day after, nothing made sense!

Anyone who has lost a loved one is familiar with the dark, obese passenger called grief, who uninvited, piggybacks on your life.

  • Deep, dark sorrow hijacks joy
  • Gut wrenching pain hijacks sleep
  • A stolen future hijacks hope
  • Unanswered questions hijack peace

As I navigated my present reality, I cried out to God for relief, for a moment to breathe, a minute to recoup before the next wave of grief.

On November 8, 2012, exactly 14 days after Baba’s passing, a blog post I wrote titled: Do You Say Hi To Everyone You Meet? was featured in Freshly Pressed!

Thank you WordPress Editors 🙂

This obviously came as a complete shock and surprise … I was one excited woman shouting “hallelujah!”

In one swift moment, the Internet floodgates opened and my blog Uwana welcomed hundreds of readers from around the world.

Moments before, I had been praying for God’s light to dissipate my present darkness. Moments later, my spirit was filled with joy, humility, and gratitude.

Dear friends and visitors of Uwana:

You may not know it, but your “hellos” and well wishes to this “stranger” give me hope. They are balm to my wounds and healing to my soul.

THANK YOU friends and WordPress community for your tremendous encouragement!

May grace and peace be multiplied to you always!

Copyright © 2012 Uwana.


8 thoughts on “Joy In Mourning

  1. That’s how I found you – God puts the people we need in our lives at just the right time. I’ve already grown to respect your opinion and insight, and we’ve never met. I’m sorry for the loss of your father, and no words will ever soothe the pain you feel from the tragedy, but know that he is with you always and loves you beyond words. My thoughts and prayers are with you, that you are comforted when you have darker days by knowing that even strangers care about you and that God loves you and will provide exactly what you need, when you need it. Many blessings, Lisa


    • Hi Lisa. Thank you so much for your comforting words. It really means a lot that you’ve reached out. I’m so blessed to have been connected with you as well. I do enjoy your challenging and insightful posts– they’re very real and unapologetic, which is great! Bless u and happy Sunday!! Bupe


  2. **Sis! WOW I always know I’m going to get a positive word when I visit your page..N I feeeeeel your words, your vibe, your inner warmth. I am very pleased you shared the bit of background this morning N I shall hit your blog as soon as I return from Church(rushing to get dressed now..) But I just had to stop in when I got email notice you’d posted. Glad I did as always but no time to give the comment this post deserves. Hit back later when I have time to really lay my thoughts down. Much high regard and sending you uplifting warm thoughts


      • **The days have been SO busy I’m just getting back..Wanted to take some time to gather thoughts..Such thought provoking words you write! Whenever I come here your words evoke deeeeep inner thoughts..I love IT..What you’ve taught me sight-unseen with this post of yours..The POWER of the Human Spirit is immense. For a person, such as yourself, to find it within themselves to write warm, UPlifting words by reaching out to others is simply inspirational to ME..Drawn to your page almost daily I can’t even recall how I 1st discovered it. I’ve only been blogging on this site for a very short time and always feel at home on your page. I am never good at offering words of comfort in times of others personal loss. I don’t do well nor attend many funerals. I am still a work in progress and working on that..N one must be careful what they say as other grieve..My take on it? With all sincerity I believe God only takes those of his children when they have done such an AWESOME job in “this ” lifetime on earth N he say, “Come with me child for your work here is DONE and its time to come HOME to far more greener pastures than here! Where ALL is bright, colorful, peaceful, serene..unlike here on earth.” I believe we as those left behind on earth grieve , and rightfully, for we miss our loved ones that have moved on. I “felt” my grandmothers spirit as she “crossed” over years ago and in my heart I feeeel that as our loved ones leave us on earth they can communicate with us and us them. And even afterwards…So I say to you I am very sorry for your loss and I feel he is very proud of YOU ..and looking down and smiling as he watches you spread love, warmth and positive vibes to others. Stay UPlifted N blessed, Berna


      • Berna, your words make me well up. I’m so happy to have connected with you! You’re such a great encouragement, I truly thank God for that. Making me laugh when I least expect it, LOL.

        Jehovah has really connected me with the most surprising people during my grieving process. It’s funny cos some folks I imagined were my support system — not so much; while other’s have stepped up and been anchors when they didn’t have to. The human spirit is funny that way, I just love learning through all this messiness.

        I also appreciate your take on “moving on.” Makes great sense, I’ll hang on to that.

        Enjoy the rest of your day…hugs!


  3. **@Bupe Rose I am very happy my words were greeted with your response. I wasn’t certain what will flow from my mind to fingertips as I write..That was one of the few times I proofed what I wrote over N over again. Wishing you/yours N anyone else reading this a wonderful, loving, and very blessed Thanksgiving Day. Hugs received & returned! 🙂


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