Would Jesus Work With Women?

I love God, I love the Bible, but I constantly struggle with how the Church perceives women.

Women form the core of many churches, typically outnumbering men. Yet my personal experience with the Church has been that of a “boys only club:”

Men Working by Uwana

As such, I have difficulty reconciling how the 21st century Church still treats women as second­-class citizens. So when I stumbled across the following article by Kris Vallotton of Bethel Church, I was inspired:

It seems odd to me that when Jesus died on the cross and was buried, only 2 women showed up at the tomb. Where were the 11 world changers? Even when the ladies discovered an empty tomb and excited angels, and ran to tell the disciples, they still didn’t believe it. Eleven apostles, but only Peter and John bothered to verify their story.

Thank God women believed and weren’t quiet about their experience. Jesus told Mary (a woman) go tell my disciples I am alive. Eight days later, the boys are huddled up in a house fearing for their lives. Thank God for women who refuse to give up in dark times.

I say whoever has an encounter with Jesus has something to say! Certainly the apostles were being taught by 2 women, and Jesus told them too. Their words are recorded in the Bible. If you don’t want to learn from women you will have to cross a lot of verses out of your Bible. Not a single book of the Bible was written by a woman, but women are often quoted. The authors were wise enough to know the Word of the Lord when they heard it. Thank God for women that will visit empty tombs and wait on angels.

I grew up with men who oppressed women because they could. They used their physical strength to bully their way through life. I was surprised when I got saved and read the Bible. Jesus was so loving, empowering, and protective of women.

I can still remember coming to church for the first time and realizing that the violence was gone, but the value for women remained the same. It was another boys club … I thank God I met Bill Johnson when I was still a young believer; he loved and respected women. I learned how to value and treat women from him.

I am sick, sick, sick to death of men who oppress instead of empower women.

We have asked the Native Americans for forgiveness, we have asked African-Americans for forgiveness (and we should repent to them), yet the most oppressed people group in the history of the world remain reduced.

It’s embarrassing to me that the world empowers women more than the Church that Jesus commissioned to disciple nations.

Jesus refused to let religious leaders oppress women! It’s about time we become Christ-like.

Remember, the only people who were there to greet Jesus in His victory were 2 women.

My Bible tells me that Jesus loved, valued, and respected women. His teachings are pro-women, his message challenged the status-quo. Isn’t it time the Church caught up with Christ’s “radical” thinking?

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5 thoughts on “Would Jesus Work With Women?

  1. I once read a book that pointed out what a culture “taboo” it was to have women be the first to see and report the ressurection of Christ. They made the arguement that if the Bible was made up or changed by the disciples, this would likely be one of the first things to go. After all, women were not allowed to testify in court at this time–their testimony about the risen Lord would have seemed very questionable to modern day Jews. Great post!


  2. “It’s embarrassing to me that the world empowers women more than the Church that Jesus commissioned to disciple nations.” is a sentiment that I have felt for a long time. I know that I would not be who I am today without God speaking through some very special women in my life. Now as a husband and new father to a little girl, I recognize that my role is to ensure that their unlimited potential is realised, recognized and released in the body. Imagine where the church would be if this had been the case a few decades ago. Great blog and post Bupe, keep it up!


    • Thanks for the warm fuzzies 🙂

      It’s amazing how having a child changes your perspective on life. It’s definitely given me motivation to make this world a more tolerant and inclusive place. If we don’t fight to make things better for them, can’t expect anybody else to.


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