Work That’s Joy


Find work that’s joy:
… that matters, leads to purposeful living
… that solves problems, facing society
… that brings fulfillment, vitality and growth
… that pays spiritual currency, not just bills

What’s the point of 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, or 80 years of life?
Store your treasure where it counts
Live a life worth living!


4 thoughts on “Work That’s Joy

  1. **Wooooo hooooo you’ve given me the chance to say for the 50th upteeeenth time I LOVE my job! I do, I do , I DO..Not only for because I work for an excellent company with a great salary N fabulous benefits..But even more important to me for the 1st time in my entire life my career is one that helps others! I’ve thanked God so , so many times for blessing me with this opportunity which was a blessing from the moment I was selected. I understand though that since we’re in a tough economy folks don’t always have the chance to work jobs they love or find joy in helping others in..One of the things I tell youth is whatever you have to do for a job(a legal one) find something, anything!, about it that you can love or enjoy about it. At least until you can land a job that fulfills you more. Daily I help people who might not otherwise be able to afford homes actually have a fighting chance of becoming home owners…And on the flip side of that helping people keep their homes who are on the brink of foreclosure. I just love it going to work 🙂


    • That’s awesome! I’m happy for you 🙂

      It’s definitely a double blessing to have a job that you love and where you can make a difference. And your advice about being open-minded in whatever job you do is spot on. We spend way too much time at work to waste it doing something we don’t love (obviously when the options are there).


      • **I totally agree..I know so many people who feel going to work is a daily grind that they hate! 7- 8- hours per day 5 days a week when you add that UP thats alot of time to spend miserable. One thing I’ve learned to appreciate is the true value of “time”. It is so precious and tomorrow isn’t a given to any of us. I think far too often we forget that. The good news? It is never, ever too late to make a change in our jobs (but don’t do this without having another good job lined up…) and personal lives.


      • Yup. And it shouldn’t take tragedies or significant life shake ups to remind us of the value of time. I’m looking forward to the day when I’m truly always present in the moment.


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