When Evil Visits

To our children whose lives have been viciously and prematurely snuffed by evil …

Cries are heard in the nations
bitter weeping and great mourning
fill the earth
parents weeping for their children
refusing to be comforted
because they are no more

In the words of Jesus:

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted

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7 thoughts on “When Evil Visits

  1. **I can’t watch any more of this on the news for I’ll stay in tears..I can’t hear any more talk of guns/violence/people who fight for gun laws to be looser/people who believe it is an American right to bear arms/INNOCENT CHILDREN DYING because someone flipped their lid who happened to own a GUN..which can kill instantly..I just can’t intake anymore of it for a bit. Heart is heavy tonight..Earlier today I vented on a rant about the minimal gun laws and I think that is my quota for the day. Bottom line I hate violence. I hate when people(who are supposed to be of higher intelligence than animals..) forget to communicate verbally and use guns which kill in an instant in a moment of mental FOG or moment of anger or for whatever reason..There is NO reason for innocent children to perish at the hands of MAN. Man has no such right


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