The Greatest Gift

Snowy tree-2

Just wanted to share this beautiful poem by my dear friend − the very talented Gwyneth Davies:

In the beauty of this lovely night
In the quiet rest of a day well spent
I reflect on the paths that my feet have trod
All the joys I have known in the days that have gone

Bright are the reflections that shine through my mind
Like the twinkling lights on my Christmas tree
Warmly, I remember the ones I have loved and so
Grateful and glad for the ones who’ve loved me

Like the bright shining star that led kings from afar
Through the desert place to a stable bare
The angelic voices that proclaimed great joy
And the shepherds awed by celestial air
The events of that night brought love, peace without measure
The birth of our Savior – the world’s greatest treasure

So together tonight as we sing the old songs
Of heavenly events that took place on that night
Let’s be glad in our hearts for the truth of His love
That no matter our pathway – we will walk in His light

Copyright © 2012 Gwyneth Davies 


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