Snowstorm Blankets Montreal

On December 27, 2012, Montreal’s all-time record for snowfall, set in 1971, was broken when the city was blanketed by up to 45 cm of snow!

Snow out the window

photo 1

White mounds on the streets

photo 2

Snow-blanketed cars

photo 4

Fat plump snowflakes everywhere!

photo 3


8 thoughts on “Snowstorm Blankets Montreal

  1. **Absolutely beautiful! How fresh N pure everything looks under a blanket of snow..Its been so very long since I’ve lived in a climate that snowed. I’ve lived in Cali a great part of my adult life..wearing shorts & flipflops comes is the norm there..and now here is same type of weather majority of the year. BUT especially during the Christmas season how I long to wake UP one morning to the pristine look of snow covering the ground N everything. How in the wee morning hours it is quiet/peaceful/serene with everything that is covered literally cleaned by the whiteness of the snow. On my 2do list for my future is to go somewhere to spend a Christmas in a place with an actual winter season..Mayhaps rent a small log cabin with a background of nature..Where there isn’t the hustle & bustle of cars passing. Where deer frolic freely..With no cell phones. No fax machines. No ringing phones. No booooob tube. Maybe just the sound of a babbling brook out in the backyard..I have a vivid colorful imagination. And things imagined or dreamed make it possible to one day happen. Thank you my sis for once again bringing such beautiful things to the forefront of my mind/thoughts. It is what U do so easily. N it is what brings me to your page whenever you post..Stay UPlifted. Hugz!


    • Oh you paint a very beautiful picture; I can just visualize your winter getaway. Snow is very pretty, especially when it dresses the trees and rooftops. But the cleanup after the monster snowstorm we had is ridiculous! It’s gonna take the city about 7 days to clear the streets…these are days I long for the hot summer sun.


      • **Yep, I remember all the well the clean up. Long ago I lived in the MidWest..Full winter season there..Learning to drive in the snow & black ice was NO joke. Had to have snow chains for the car; the whole 9 yards. Scraping ice off windshield just to see out of it/shoveling snow/walking carefully so as not to slip on snow/waiting for snowplows to clear roads…wasn’t the fun part. Positive part was it would get so bad we’d get called off from work & school..alot. lol! Always a sunny side UP to any N everything…


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