Proverbs 1: Don’t Follow the Crowd

Image courtesy of Master isolated images /

Image courtesy of Master isolated images /

Everyone needs a daily dose of wisdom. Wisdom helps us make good life decisions and choices that are just, right, and fair, even when they may be unpopular.

Today, we need wisdom more than ever. Our world is constantly rocked by tragic news of bloody senseless massacres and heinous violent acts against women and children, particularly in societies that are devoid of basic human rights and freedoms.

When evil visits our communities, we are shaken to the core. We ask why? How could this happen? We pray for true justice to prevail. These questions and others have plagued my mind given the recent tragic events in Newtown, Connecticut; Delhi, India; and Syria, to name a few.

As parents and communities, we are responsible for seeding godly principles into the lives of our children:

My child, listen when your father corrects you. Don’t neglect your mother’s instruction. What you learn from them will crown you with grace and be a chain of honor around your neck (Proverbs 1:8–9).

Children need good moral teaching to help them differentiate between right and wrong, and to make choices that are just, right, and fair. Proverbs 1:10 instructs:

Dear friend, if bad companions tempt you, don’t go along with them.

Although it’s really hard to be hated by the masses, we need to raise up our children to be confident and self-assured so that they don’t easily succumb to peer pressure. Nonetheless, as humans, we tend to follow the pack. Like bees in a swarm or sheep in a flock, we follow, sometimes to our own detriment. Instead of  following the crowd in doing wrong, Proverbs 1 challenges us to stand up for justice and truth, even when it costs us our reputation. Ultimately, however, we were created with free will and are responsible for our decisions, good or bad.


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