Are We a Society That Quickly Forgets?

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook

Snowflakes for Sandy Hook (Credit: Nica Wolf)

When tragedy occurs, we’re often forced into a period of deep introspection and mourning. At this stage of grieving, our understanding hasn’t caught up to the magnitude of shock; it’s as if we’re in a state of limbo, trying to find our way back.

But, time doesn’t stand still. The clock keeps ticking and we somehow have to move on. How do you move forward after witnessing the horrific murder, rape, beating, or other heinous crime against a dear one?

Third Floor Classroom at Ecole Polytechnique d...

3rd Floor Classroom at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think about the children and educators who have to return to school after witnessing a bloody massacre. Schools that were once full of innocence and potential are now crime scenes of yellow tape and body outlines.

I think of:

  • École Polytechnique Massacre (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Columbine High School massacre (Littleton, Colorado)
  • Virginia Tech massacre (Blacksburg, Virginia)
  • Dawson College shooting (Montreal, Quebec)
  • Realengo massacre (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)
  • Toulouse school shooting (Toulouse, France)
  • Sandy Hook School shooting (Newtown, Connecticut)

…and my heart cries for the stolen lives and lost innocence. I mourn for the lives whose potential was suddenly cut short; individuals who may have birthed the next great discoveries.

Virginia Tech releases 32 balloons prior to th...

Virginia Tech releases 32 balloons before the Hokies’ 2007 opener vs East Carolina to commemorate those who died during in the Virginia Tech massacre. (Credit: Wikipedia)

What do you teach children or students who have witnessed the horrific murder of friends and teachers? Is it class as usual? Does the curriculum change? Do you teach math and English or grief/crisis management? How do you respond to behavioral changes? Do you discipline or turn a blind eye? What about the educators? Should teachers be trained in counterterrorism? On mental health issues? What is the new normal?

As we go about our daily lives, let’s remember those who are stuck and lost and in tremendous pain. Let’s not quickly forget the loss of dear ones. Let’s honor them. Let’s live for them. Let’s fight on their behalf to make this world more safe, compassionate, just, and fair.

Let love win!


3 thoughts on “Are We a Society That Quickly Forgets?

  1. **@On mental health issues? What is the new normal?..Now that is THE question that is timely and appropriate. What IS the new normal? And what is the acceptable type of behavior that will NOT be excused or given a pass because the suspect of such horrific crimes (against innocent children no less..but then again isn’t anyone innocent that is minding their own??? business and gets gunned down?) when it is discovered they have had mental disturbances in their history/background? I don’t even know where to begin placing blame for what happened at Sandy Hook. One of the biggest questions in my mind is what kind of parent keeeeeps firearms laying about or even IN the house..knowing her son had a mental issue history??? I just can not wrap my mind around any plausible good reason. There isn’t any. If nothing else I feel she should be charged with something. I don’t know what it would be called according to the law; but I’ve grown tired(sick N tyeeed) of such crimes happening and all that happens is said suspect goes to a mental hospital for life. Where is the justice for the parents in such cases when that happens? I’ve got as many questions as the next person has…The new normal? There isn’t one. The law protects people that walk around looking/acting fine and then just snap! Those are the cases that really , really scare me. How would any of us know we could be dealing with a potential walking time bomb in the work place…Apparently such incidents can happen anywhere; and they are. I know one thing..such things happening make a good arguement for Universal Healthcare. Having coverage would then allow a person who is feeling “unstable” to get professional help without it killing their pockets. What IF there are folks who know they need help; but don’t even reach out to get it because they can’t afford it. The new normal? It seems to be changing by the minute…


    • You raise some great points Berna. The needless loss of lives is always so heartbreaking. And parents have much to answer for this. It is absolutely astounding to me that a mother would keep firearms in her home knowing that her son had mental health issues. All of this just doesn’t make sense. But things do need to change. There can be no reason that a society should lose it’s children, the most precious of people, and the future of our generation.


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