Proverbs 10: 7 Habits of High Integrity People

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /

Integrity, like dishonesty, is a proactive choice.

Living and growing with integrity is an important theme in Proverbs 10.

9 The man of integrity walks securely,
but he who takes crooked paths will be found out.

Like a leopard is recognized for its spots, people of integrity are recognized for their reliability, honesty, excellence, humility, and self-confidence.

The following are 7 habits of Integrity—someone we should all aspire to be.

  1. Walks a straight path—Integrity does not cheat or cut corners; Integrity consistently does the right thing at all times and under all circumstances, even when nobody is watching.
  2. Accepts discipline—Integrity lives a disciplined life that treasures knowledge and happily welcomes correction.
  3. Understands that “too much talk leads to sin”—Integrity demonstrates good judgement: she knows when to talk and when to shut her mouth!
  4. Works hard—while “lazy people irritate their employers, like vinegar to the teeth or smoke in the eyes,” Integrity demonstrates diligence and strong leadership.
  5. Speaks words of wisdom and affirmation—Integrity encourages and helps many, knowing that love makes up for all offences; her words are like sterling silver, a life-giving fountain where “yes”means “yes” and “no” means “no.”
  6. Fosters a culture of integrity—Integrity lives in hope, not fear; when storms of life come, she stands firm; she is incorruptible.
  7. Develops godly-based core values—Integrity usually has a lasting foundation in God: the fear of the Lord (and hatred of evil) adds length to life.

Value Integrity, uphold her. Your integrity is what determines your reputation.

Remember: It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to ruin it (Warren Buffet).

How do you develop integrity in your daily life?  When did you fail to have integrity when you should have? Are you living a legacy to be proud of?

A good and honest life is a blessed memorial;
a wicked life leaves a rotten stench (Proverbs 10:7)

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9 thoughts on “Proverbs 10: 7 Habits of High Integrity People

    • Berna, one thing I can say about you is that you’re reliable. Since we connected on WordPress, you’ve been very kind and supportive of my blogging. So in my books you carry the hallmarks of integrity 🙂


    • **I’ve always been a giver…just comes naturally. Often I’ve given more to some than a majority of people felt the recipient deserved..I think it was recently phrased about me ” I am too nice!” How is that possible? And WHY is that something that should be looked upon as a bad thing? I feel the person who said it looked at themselves as the total opposite…What I’ve learned is to NOT expect anything in return for giving of oneself..Backintheday I used to feel hurt when said actions of mine weren’t returned in the same manner..Now? I give without expecting actions returned in the same manner or anything. Which is truly how I feel we’re supposed to give. In my actions these days I’m cognizant I represent not just myself..but also my ancestors, my parents, my sons…Truly trying to treat others and I wish to be treated. NOT always an easy task for some folks can be quite difficult. Lol! Also I try to remember to act always , even in private, as if one is always being watched N graded. I feel we GOD. I’ve not yet been able to get “my thoughts” to always match that though. Still room for growth for me…


    • Aww shucks! Thank you!

      Blogging is a collective experience, and it’s support from fellow bloggers like yourself that keep me inspired and motivated. Thanks again for your kind words. And do keep the short stories coming on your end 🙂


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