Proverbs 12: The Encourager

Like its predecessors, Proverbs 12 is yet another wisdom-packed adventure reminding us of powerful truths we have no doubt learnt along life’s journey. All to often, we forget these valuable lessons and need a fresh kick to refocus us on the ways of the wise.

On examining the characteristics of the foolish in Proverbs 12, I was struck by how easily we can become trapped by worry if we embrace some of the traits of the foolish.

Proverbs 12

Then again, a kind word of encouragement can quickly lift us out of that worrisome state and back onto wisdom’s path.

25 Worry weighs a person down;
an encouraging word cheers a person up.
28 The way of the godly leads to life;
that path does not lead to death.

The reminder that our words and actions have the power of life and death places a huge responsibility on us to act wisely. If I were to write a superhero novel, it would undoubtedly be called “The Encourager.” I believe encouragers are the cornerstone to greatness in our society.

Challenge: Be a hero—take time this week to encourage a friend 🙂


8 thoughts on “Proverbs 12: The Encourager

  1. **Do YOUR thing Sis! Now this makes TWO posts of yours I’m going to hit after Mass(church) Yesterday was jam packed & had no time..But promise I’ll be back this afternoon…Stay UPlifted & just as blessed as YOU are till then


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