Proverbs 13: Five Common Causes of Unhappiness and Their Antidotes

We all want to be happy, at least I think so (some people thrive in misery).

Numerous factors can influence our happiness: money is just one of them. According to a Princeton University study, people need $75,000 per year per household, and no more, to be happy. However, when it comes to attaining happiness, wisdom and emotional wellbeing are equally, if not more important.

Happy is a man who finds wisdom and who acquires understanding (Proverbs 3:13).

Proverbs 13 makes a strong argument for living a fulfilled, happy life. It pitches the habits and characteristics of the wise versus the foolish. We learn that the decisions and actions of these 2 groups of people can influence their emotional wellbeing, pivoting them towards a happy or unhappy state of mind.

Following an analysis of Proverbs 13, I identified 5 major causes of unhappiness and their common sense antidotes.

Cause #1: Living a pretentious and arrogant life

  • A pretentious, showy life is an empty life
  • Antidote: A plain and simple life makes for a full life

Cause #2: Living without hope or purpose

  • Hope deferred makes the heart sick
  • Antidote: A dream fulfilled is a tree of life

Cause #3: Living an undisciplined life

  • Refuse discipline and end up homeless
  • Antidote: Embrace correction and live an honored life

Cause #4: Living with negativity and regret

  • Liars walk a rough road
  • Antidote: Sound thinking makes for gracious living

Cause #5: Keeping bad company

  • A companion of fools suffers harm
  • Antidote: He who walks with the wise grows wise

What factors do you think are important for attaining happiness? Is $75,000/year enough to make you happy?


2 thoughts on “Proverbs 13: Five Common Causes of Unhappiness and Their Antidotes

  1. I like the wisdom in this post – you can’t beat Proverbs! Factors for joy would be to be thankful for what I do have and to think the best of those around me. If God thinks I need something He’ll provide it in time.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


  2. Hi Wendy

    I’m loving Proverbs. The principles in this book are common sense truths that have stood the test of time!

    I agree. It’s the simple things in life that make the most difference. Having an attitude of gratitude keeps us from take anything or anyone for granted.

    Blessings to you to 🙂


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