Proverbs 22: Keeping Kids on Track

Train a child in the way he should go,
and when he is old he will not turn from it ~ Proverbs 22:6



6 thoughts on “Proverbs 22: Keeping Kids on Track

    • With your wonderful achievements as a very proud mama, I’m sure you have many wise nuggets to share. For me trying to communicate logically with a toddler can be very challenging, especially because they can be so strong willed and defiant…


      • **Finally time to give this topic the attention it deserves..Even saying toddlers can be challenging is an understatement Sis..Not sure what age yours is but as I sit here and recollect on days past when mine were 2..WOW..Out of 3 sons each experience was different in raising them. Each as different as they are in personality..One thing I attempted to do early on when 2nd son was born was to raise them alike. Big mistake! For they are individuals..It takes time to learn each unique personality; and yet time goes so quickly! because they’re so active! and growing so fast there isn’t much time to think on your feet. You just learn to DO and re-act to situations; quickly. Lol! With a toddler I learned consistency, consistency, consistency is the key. They are learning SO much and intaking SO is only normal for it to be a challenging time as a parent. BUT it is also at that time they’re forming who they will BE for life..I did not speak ga-ga baby talk to my sons. I spoke fully and clearly..or I tried to. Remember always they’re also forming their vocabulary at that time. Soaking all that you give to them sponges. My youngest son was the one son who “challenged” us the most. But because he was premature at birth we catered to him, alot. He could even think about uttering a cry or squeak without us rushing to his side..even after he was perfectly healthy. So what happened? He grew used to that and threw tantrums when he couldn’t have his way…and I mean just falling to the ground tantrums. Bam! Yep…I had only ever seen “other” peoples children do that Lol! Certainly not one of mine…and my Mom said WE had egged that on by what was then called “spoiling ” a child. It is a thin line to tread as a parent. I call it LOVE. So my suggestion? Be firm when you see your toddler needs it. Be fair and always loving. Be very very consistent! For if not it will confuse them ..with consistency over and over eventually they get IT. Takes alot of patience on parents part. Because I didn’t /don’t believe in physical discipline…and my exhusband let me have that. Some people felt/feel spare the rod spoil the child…I don’t feel that way. We all have opinions..I just feel it is a form of violence. But all parents have their way of teaching…they beauty of the parenting experience is learning what your child needs based on their own unique personality. I think it is designed to be challenging but with love you can do it…


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