Captivating Red Cappuccino

This post is part of Sunday Post: Captivating.

On a recent trip to Swaziland, I was introduced to the Red Cappuccino.

(en) Swaziland Location (he) מיקום סוואזילנד

Swaziland Location (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This yummy, blood red, hot, foamy beverage is made with an espresso of rooibos tea (pronounced roy boss) instead of coffee.
Topped with a dash of cinnamon and a swirl of honey, my senses were captivated by the rich antioxidant goodness of my new-found addiction.

Red cappuccino Copyright 2013 Uwana

Red cappuccino at Portofinos in Mbabane, Swaziland (copyright 2013 Uwana)

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13 thoughts on “Captivating Red Cappuccino

  1. **Yea! I’ve missed you also Sis..How awesome to see you’ve been home..A very good friend of mine just visited home@Sierra Leone for his Mom’s bday. She made 95 yrs old. Yep, 95! He came back looking refreshed and vibrant as ever..there truly is no place like home. And omg the red cappuccino looks yummy! Wondering now if I can possibly find rooibos tea to make it…


    • Hi dear Berna. It’s great to reconnect with all you beautiful people again. I’m gonna have to visit your blog to see what controversial topics you’ve been writing on…

      95 years, wow! What a blessing to share in that!

      As for the red cappuccino, it was delish! Rooibos tea is actually very popular now and available via many brands. You can pretty much buy it from most grocery stores and tea shops. I’m gonna try make my own red cap, hopefully it turns out just as good.


      • Ahhhh see I totally learned something new today; never heard of rooibos tea. But I’ll be looking for it myself, will make it..and report back to let you know how it tasted. I love trying out new foods..Maybe then I’d finally give coffee up. (which was one of my New Years resolutions..sigh)


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