I’m Fearless – I Just Don’t Know It … Yet

One fine spring evening, I was inspired to jog along the riverside.

Endorphins pumping, feet pounding to the rhythm of Macklemore’s Can’t Hold Us, I was high on life. Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I spotted a lone duck swimming furiously in the middle of the river, a duck I nicknamed Flora.

Flora the fearless

Flora the fearless

As Flora paddled, a blazing trail of water followed her. I’m not sure where she was headed, but boy, she was determined. Though small in stature, Flora wasn’t intimidated by the sheer body of water surrounding her. Neither depth, nor height, nor width, nor the frigidity of the water could deter her from her mission.

Flora was confident and charming. She would playfully turn back, strike a pose, and then keep it moving.
Flora trailblazing

Flora trailblazing

Captivated by her adventurous spirit, I thought:

It sure must be wonderful to have Flora’s fierce attitude. If this beautiful creature can fearlessly navigate into the vast unknown, why do I easily get distracted by Dr Fear and Mrs Doubt? There’s this immensely exciting world waiting to be explored, yet I settle for “OK” rather than striving for “extraordinary.”

Flora’s confidence and boldness has inspired me to dig deep within myself. I need to unearth the buried treasure that my Creator so eagerly wants to release.

Flora knows she can swim. She demonstrates it brilliantly. She spreads her joy to all who will stop and see. This creature uses her innate skills and talents to bless the world around her.

Through Flora’s example, God’s spirit assures me that neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will separate me from His love (Romans 8:39). And because perfect love casts out all fear, I can forget the past and look forward to what lies ahead, pressing on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling me (Philippians 3:13).

How has creation inspired you lately?

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23 thoughts on “I’m Fearless – I Just Don’t Know It … Yet

  1. Lovely inspirational post! Creation inspired me today when I was in a forest and noticed how beautiful the contrast between the different trees was. God just made one of me, and I can glorify him best by being who He made me to be.

    Blessings ~ Wendy


    • I love that: when we choose to live out our lives for God, without compromise or fear or complacency, we glorify him best. That’s what any parent wants at the end of the day, right? That their children live out their lives fully…


  2. Well let me tell you, my friend Regina pruned her rose bush about 3 months ago because the roses where not really growing well they would almost come up dead, and after she pruned them I started seeing buds first, and then baby flowers and then beautiful full red pedal blossom. Then a month later I came back to visit her again and what did I see? But 17 roses on the little bush that started with cut off branches! Which speaks to me in scripture, John 15:1-2 ~ “I am the true vine, and my Father is the vinedresser. Every branch in me that does not bear fruit he takes away, and every branch that does bear fruit he prunes, that it may bear more fruit.” blessings, Shazza


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  5. spring is upon us in NYC…a taste of it anyway…your post reminds me of the endless possibilities and the promise of reawakening from any kind of spiritual slumber…Newness is in the air and I am getting ready.


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