Does Grief Ever End?

Mountain cloud

is like a volcano
between active  and dormant
lying still
to erupt
will it ever go extinct?


7 thoughts on “Does Grief Ever End?

  1. Waving ! I think this will be my first attempt to respond to such a deep subject matter on your blog..And such a highly personal one at that..I’m not always good at this regarding grief..Mayhaps because I’ve not dealt with death much..But, what IF grief can also be taken in context of death of intangible things? Such as loss of a marriage that really, really mattered to a person(like me..) or loss of a job? I’ve dealt with those types of grief..I don’t think grief ever ends. Ever..I do, however, think the depth of the pain(or level..for lack of a better word) begins to fade into the background of our foreground. But it IS always back there…as a remembrance perhaps of something that was beautiful! When its grief regarding the death of a loved one? I think this type of remembrance is a wonderful thing; for it keeps them ALIVE in our memories. When I move on to those greener pastures; I’d like to know my loved ones didn’t forget me. I’d like to know I could bring a smile to their face when they; remember me. When its grief regarding the death of an intangible thing that we cherished/adored/loved with allll our heart? I think remembering the beauty of it helps keep alive in us the notion; so that we can strive to attain the same thing in the same context. Not to replace it nor substitute; but to re live the beautiful feelings felt. I think that as the pain of grieving lessens? That more beautiful events /happenings/and memories are lived..And because of that it helps to ease the pain. I’ve come to know that dealing with grief is a normal and essential part of life. We are born to die..And some intangible things are lived to not be forever…thus preparing us for our future endeavors of same context


    • Waving back!

      Thank you Berna. You’re always full of such encouraging words. As you correctly stated, grief and mourning applies to any loss, both tangible and intangible. The pain of losing a loved one or a marriage or job is different, but still profound. I think the grief regarding the death of a loved one goes through various stages. Ultimately, it does keep the person alive in our memories. All in all, grief reminds us that life is short and things can change in the twinkling of an eye. Not to sound dark, but yes, we are all born to die…


      • That doesn’t sound dark at all my friend..Its our reality from the moment we’re born..Its easy to get SO caught up in life though; and forget that . My take on it? THIS part is only a learning phase for us..We’re to learn what we’re supposed to learn and then move on to the actual real deal…I can’t express it any other way…So in essence we’re born to live(or least our souls/spirits) forever; but in order to do so we first have to die physically


      • You read my mind..I for sure will blog on this topic & in the near future..Ironically, I don’t deal well with the death topic when it comes to friends/family who have suffered a loss..But my outlook on it for Self is far better..Didn’t always used to be..My “vision” or “sight” has become clearer as I draw nearer to 50…On a lot or rather most things/topics/matters..Death just happens to fall into one of those categories. Very deep topic to even think about because as humans, we are conditioned? so have such short-sight..I’ll explain more when I blog on it probably nearer this weekend


    • So I’m learning that it never ends. Just when I get a handle on things, something happens to rock me off my feet. Thanks for your kind words. I hope you continue to find peace after your grandma’s passing.


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