10 Traits I look for in a Blog or Blog Post

This post is inspired by the WordPress Daily Prompt: What makes a blog great? What makes you follow a blog or “Like” a post?

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Reading posts, liking posts, commenting on posts, following blogs … all of this takes time. Because time is precious, I’ve got to be smart about where and how I spend it. So I asked myself, What key traits do I look for in a blog or blog post?

1 − Purpose

Before following a blog, I like to know whom I’m connecting with: Who are you? What’s your vision? Why this blog?

For me, the “About” page can be a deal breaker; if I find generic content in an About page, I tend to get irritated and leave (confession is good for the soul).

2 − Authenticity

Authenticity is a game changer when deciding to follow a blog. I’m drawn to bloggers who keep it 100 in their blog posts and commentary section. I have tremendous respect for bloggers who show interest in their readers by responding to comments and engaging in dialogue. Such people are downright personable and approachable.

3 − Enticing blog post title or photography

You had me at the title. Sometimes all it takes to get me hooked on a blog post is a fantastic title or breathtaking photography. The first few sentences of a blog post are also important for gauging whether I’ll continue reading or click “X.”

4 − Inspiring, challenging content

The bloggers I tend to follow are those who have something insightful to say, and it shows in their blog posts. Their content is intelligent, witty, and thought-provoking. It inspires me to write better and do better.

Shh — Don’t tell anyone, but I also weed out blog posts based on their word count: I’m intimidated by anything > 750 words.

5 − Personality

Blogs have personality, after all there is a real person behind that monitor. Personality can be expressed through:

  • A playful and relaxed voice or writing style
  • Fun images or photos
  • Telling sincere, engaging stories

I’m more likely to follow a blog or “Like” a blog post that leaves me feeling blessed, encouraged, and knowledgeable.

6 − Passion

Passion oozes. It’s infectious. It’s attractive. It’s motivating. It drives me to click “Like” or “Follow.”

7 − Consistency

If I’m going to invest my time following a blog, I’ve got to feel like the blogger is committed, at least for a little while. It can be disappointing to be wooed in by the charm and content of a blog only to realize after a couple of weeks that it’s no longer active, and without a goodbye. I find that consistent, quality content goes a long way towards building relationships.

8 − Appearance

Yes, looks do matter. I enjoy visiting blogs whose designs are clean, colorful, and inviting. A blog’s appearance is important for readability: clutter, poor color choices, and inappropriate images can tarnish a blog post, even if it contains good information.

9 − Shared interests

Iron sharpens iron right? I tend to like blog posts that resonate with me at a personal and spiritual level.

10 − Navigability

Navigability is important. I enjoy blogs that are easy to navigate; where I can quickly and easily find additional content. An organized blog with meaningful pages and a structured sidebar is attractive.

What traits would you add?

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9 thoughts on “10 Traits I look for in a Blog or Blog Post

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  2. That’s a great list. I don’t know if I could think of anything to add. I know the thing I struggle with most is finding a theme and sticking to it. I’m all over the place, and that surely can’t be a good thing… It drives *me* crazy, so it can’t be a good thing for my readers. I keep telling myself: “I’ll get there…”

    *This*, my friend, was a great post! And I can honestly say that you are all of the above things. 🙂


    • Actually, I take that back. The only thing I’d add is that the blog be well-written. I’m kind of a grammar snob (not really), but if you’re going to put yourself out there, to me it makes a lot of sense that you at least *try* to write cohesively. If it’s a lot of work for me to follow your story, I probably won’t. I’ll skim!


      • Thanks Jessica! That’s a great compliment coming from a talented writer like yourself.

        Haha, I also get sucked into the theme design warp. But your theme has a nice minimalist feel to it; it lends itself well to photography and quotations.


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