Creative Block

Lately I’ve been struggling … for inspiration.

Ideas fleet in and out, many crash-land, few actually taken off.

It seems like I’ve caught a severe form of “creative block.” It’s pretty debilitating. My brain seems run-down, inspiration doesn’t flow, I just can’t seem to commit to an idea.

So I’m choosing quiet reflection. I’m getting plugged into the storehouse of wisdom and creativity – Yahweh. I’ll sit at His feet, soak in truth, and get clarity of vision.

How do you deal with creative block?



14 thoughts on “Creative Block

  1. Ahhh ok so that explains where you’ve been..I’ve missed reading your words /thoughts/& awesome pics ..Did you know you were the very first blogger I connected with on WordPress? I’ve yet to make a year here and yours was the 1st blog I followed..It was about your daughter smiling..Loved it! I’ve yet to run across a creative block..Life keeps me inspired to write and share and read and write and express my feelings in poems from timetotime..And lately I’ve been running across such awesome blog topics I’ve begun to re-blog! Still learning how to do things on here..I’d love for you to check out a couple of those I follow..A vast amount of sites and topics on, Awake Sista’s site..I might not be recalling it by the correct title but I know thats pretty close..I’ve also run across a couple on my faves list who have taken a hiatus from blogging for a while; so evidently what you’re going through is very normal. I always look for your posts in my reader& and will continue to. I hope all is well with your beautiful family..and look forward to when you’re ready to share again..Sometimes reading and/or listening is a great thing also..Stay encouraged/UPlifted/and blessed. Hugs!


    • Hi Berna. I’ve missed your wisdom. You always have an encouraging word to share, thank you.

      Yeah, so I’m feeling stuck. I think it stems from being spiritually lethargic. I need to spend some quality time with the Lord and recharge my batteries. It is frustrating though to want to write and not have the flow.

      I’m definitely going to check out the blogs you recommended. Reading and listening others words will hopefully trigger some inspiration.

      I’ll be stopping by for a visit shortly. Take care dear friend 🙂


      • I’m glad anything I could say could lift you..And know what? It is hard sometimes for us, as humans, to know when to sit still for a minute..But its also smart to heed the signs to do so..Stillness can promote clarity..In complete contrast staying super busy can work to distract us from things troubling us..I know how to do that well! Its knowing when to sit still that I’m still working on..So bravo for figuring it out on your end! No harm, no foul…Just gives your readers/fans time to build up anticipation of your next write..No pressure though lol! I’ve read so many beautiful & insightful things on WordPress..Truly glad my friend led me here to help with her Faith blog..What a wonderful way to be led to something thats been so good for me..Happy reading my lovely friend. Hugs!


      • Reminds me of that song: Be still and know that I am God.

        So true that we tend to equate busyness with productivity. It’s during sleep, rest, and quiet that our bodies and spirits heal and rejuvenate.


  2. I’ve been lucky. I haven’t really had to deal with a creative block. All I need to do is go to a mall or read something and my imagination runs away with itself. My problem is there is never enough time in the day to write what I want to write.

    I know a person who deals with creative block and she goes outside and listens to God’s creation which calms her down and untangles the knotted mess of emotions. She finds herself writing without any problems when she comes inside or sometimes, she stays outside and writes, too.


    • You’re so right about listening to God’s creation. It is actually where I get most of my inspiration. But lately I haven’t really been connecting with God or nature so I think that communication being off is what is keeping me plugged and stuck. Thanks for your advice. I’m going to be looking outside for some interesting inspiration. Bless!


      • Hi Bupe!
        I hope you do. In my prior profession as a nurse, I used to go outside when i could manage a break, and listen to the birds sing. In fact, my friends teased me and called me “The Bird Lady.” I love watching the squarels jump and fly from branch for branch. I love looking at the clouds as they change form. Sometimes, the way the sun beams hit the clouds, I could almost imagine I saw Jesus coming. Until then, I want to write and touch people’s hearts and perhaps, tell them in my writing the story of salvation.
        I hope you find your peace and serenity then find your wisdom which comes only from God.

        May the Lord bless you as well.


  3. I know the feeling. Honestly, I just keep living. Inspiration comes in the strangest forms, and it’s never when I’m sitting in front of my computer. Tell us about your daughter!


  4. Bupe, I just go on and do other things in life. Then suddenly, when I am shaving, showering, awake in the middle of the night(always when there is no pen and paper available), things start to come into focus again.


    • I hear you. I think sometimes I try to force inspiration, rather than allowing time to do it’s thing. There is wisdom in allowing your mind to ease into creativity. Thanks for sharing. Bless!


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