My Colored Life


Yellow, orange, pink, and green
So sunny and inspiring

I love in red
I smile in blue
I live for sunsets
I bathe in hues

My world I choose to saturate
with rainbow laughter
in prisms of love

Color is a form of nonverbal communication and an important aspect of our daily lives.
I’m not afraid of color. I love its power to transform atmospheres and emotions.
I love wearing colors that make people smile; colors that convey joy, hope, and love.
I’m not blind to color, I embrace it avec gusto!

What do you convey through color?


9 thoughts on “My Colored Life

  1. Bright yellow is one of my fave colors to wear! Or even a dress with bright yellow in it..Just looks great on my skin..Most of us have a fave color we look best in..But bright colors for me show I’m in a vibrant, joyful mood! Even when I bought my last car, I told the salesman I could not/would not order a blue or grey car..And I’d had enough of white cars too..I wanted something bright & sassy..So he found me just want I wanted..An absolutely red car. Color in flowers brightens things up in an instant & I love flowers. They represent life to me & joy & laughter..Sunny things. 🙂


    • Hi Berna! I hope you’re doing well. I read that you were in surgery???

      I totally get you in a bright red sassy car … it’s so you! I love bright yellows, greens, and oranges. I so appreciate what color does to my mood. There are few things we can control in life, and surrounding ourselves with bright, beautiful, things (live and inanimate) is certainly one way. Hope you’re healing up well.


    • Yeah, blue is awesome. It really has a calming serene effect. Life without color would be miserable. I think my love for color intensified after having my daughter; kids are so stimulated by bright shiny things, lol.


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