Yes, I’m Addicted to Endorphins

Top of the world

High on life

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live ~ Jim Rohn

Running is a passion of mine. Always has been. I love what running does for my mind and body.

Granted, my dreams of becoming the next Maria Mutola, Meseret Defar, or Caster Simenya, are just that—pipe dreams. Still, I will enjoy the same euphoric “runner’s high”: that flood of endorphins, which keeps me craving for more and more, even when my body screams enough!

Running takes me places—physically and emotionally. It transports me to higher planes. To zones where I feel so liberated, I could take off and fly. With unveiled face, I commune with nature, basking in the glory of its Creator. As I inhale the fresh crisp air during my predawn runs, my body awakens. Giddily pulsing with freshly oxygenated blood, my cells relay bliss and joy from head to toe. I sweat out my worries, burdens, fears, and shame. And feed my spirit with endurance, potential, and an “I can do all things” mentality.

When I run, I’m fearless … and so I keep coming back for more, encouraged by the great cloud of witnesses who have run so boldly before me.

What “healthy highs” do you crave?

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7 thoughts on “Yes, I’m Addicted to Endorphins

  1. I am addicted to endorphins too!! Any form of exercise gives me such a healthy high… nothing beats breaking a sweat in the morning! A great way to start the day indeed. I am off to sweat now 🙂


  2. Riding my bike, running, swimming, and weight lifting. Really anything that gets my heart pumping… I know what you mean! I often think of a blogger I ran across years ago. He was a young guy who’d been paralyzed in a skiing accident. He used to talk about how he’d pushed himself before — how he was amazed by the human body. God really did give us our bodies to be pushed, to surprise us, even. And our bodies can even surprise us in recoveries… I lost track of that blog, but it reminds me, I hope that that guy is okay!


    • You’re a beast!

      Like the blogger you speak of, you’re also a great example of an overcomer. I remember the series you wrote on your recovery. Thinking about it even now it’s incredible that you’re doing all these wonderful intense activities.

      I enjoy biking too … another awesome freeing experience. Sadly, my swimming skills are nonexistent (mainly cos I don’t like getting my hair wet, lol)


      • Haha. Well I can’t say I’ve been swimming recently, either. In order to do that, I’d have to join a club… And the monthly fee just isn’t worth it!

        Thanks for remembering my rock-climbing accident. I am definitely lucky. Good for you for running, though! Do you run long distances? I’m supposed to be running a half marathon in a couple of months, and I haven’t trained at all. (I far prefer riding to running…) So I’m starting to think I’m crazy!


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