So Sick of Injustice

This post is dedicated to the brave black woman who stood by my side, as a witness to injustice, while the sea of onlookers did nothing, said nothing, and turned a blind eye…

so sick of injustice
so sick of bystanders
who do nothing
say nothing
who turn a blind eye
to wrongs in society

so sick of the posers
masquerading as
conflict resolvers
who stick to their kind
hiding behind the letter of the law
ignoring the spirit of it

so grateful
for brave voices
for hearts that embody,
“love thy neighbor”
offering help
showing solidarity
when the crowd is silent

I’ve said it before
I’ll say it again
this brown skin
I’ll wear with pride
wide nose, thick lips, afro ‘n all
until my last breath

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13 thoughts on “So Sick of Injustice

  1. you go girl!!! there is no such thing as different races! I get so sick of it too, our skin is determined by how much vitamin D our body needs to absorb…and how much it needs to repel it!! that is all! those who think they are better than others regardless of skin color need to realize they are still cave dwelling apes!!!!


    • Indeed, cave dwelling narrow-minded ignorant people. There are few things that getting me super frustrated and it’s prejudice, discrimination, racism, and oppression … all born out of pure ignorance.

      Thanks for hearing me out!


  2. Love this. I felt the passion… Stand tall. The second stanza really hit home: posers acting as peacemakers… Can I ask what inspired this? Who is the black woman who stood by your side? And when? It’s okay if you don’t want to answer. I’m just curious. 🙂


    • Jessica, I was basically a victim of small town discrimination. I was shopping at the grocery store and subjected to aggressive and indefensible behavior by another shopper, including physical aggression! The store manager witnessed these acts and refused to do anything. Claimed he had no power to do anything. Even after this brave black woman came to my defense and told him that she had witnessed the deplorable acts against me. The manager asked if he should call the police, which to me was cowardly and passive aggressive. He basically acknowledged the behavior of this other shopper who paid for her items and was sent off with a, “Merci Madame.” To me this was a pure case of “sticking with our kind,” no matter what.

      I live in Quebec, which is generally an inclusive place, but the small towns tend to be small-minded and ignorant. Acts of injustice against minorities and anglophones are very common.

      Thanks for caring. I’ll get over it…


      • @..”I live in Quebec, which is generally an inclusive place, but the small towns tend to be small-minded and ignorant. Acts of injustice against minorities and anglophones are very common. ..”>> WOW I didn’t realize that funkiness was still alive and well there as it is here in the U.S..Until they start killing off your Black sons though; we’re still leading over here in ignorance , bigotry, racism, and on this coast (which I still call the wrong coast, lol!, I’ve not yet let go of my Cali love..) they still have rebel-flag waving rednecks..Oh yes, IT it alive and well ..amazing enough since this is 2013. Before I go further I’ve GOT to give props to ‘Shards of DuBois”!!!! Is that not ignorance at its height though??? For people to hate folks; but they’re NOT even smart enough to realize WE are all from the same cloth. You broke it down perfectly…

        Anyways I’m SO very sorry that you were pushed around physically and that management did NOT even call the police..OMG..It is one thing that we’ve grown used to words of ugliness(that one can live with for we know it isn’t true..) but physical abuse or attacks or murder??? That to me is unacceptable..but until the mindset is changed Sis…I truly DO hope your child wasn’t with you to witness that..I know all too well how heartbreaking that is as a mother..Once it happened to me in my 50 years of life..Once physically almost RUN over while shopping , during Christmas time(can you believe that???) in a mall..With my 5 year old in tow and I was 8 months pregnant! I could hardly walk I was so big; I was waddling…Know who ran over me? An elderly White woman who was old enough to be my grandmother…I kid you not..It was quite a scene. In a shopping mall in Kansas..I was stationed there way backintheday. So I was in the military, serving our country, to protect HER, and she physically attacked me. That my son witnessed it broke my heart. And what terrified me more is that there could’ve been damage to our unborn son…

        There are a ton of questions in my mind; but I’ll leave it at that. I’m glad you’re ok, right? Or I’m assuming you’d have said if not. I’m hopeful this type of thing doesn’t happen much out there ?


      • Hi Berna, your comment was very painful to read. It’s heartbreaking that you would have been subjected to such horrific treatment at 8 months pregnant, in front of your 5-year-old!! Yes it is 2013, we’ve made some progress, but there’s still a long ways to go with regards to loving each other, being more tolerant, and “neighborly.”

        I would have to agree with you that “that funkiness” (love that phrase) is way more prevalent in the good ol United States of America … we all need a stronger dose of being united though. In the meantime we keep standing strong and representing.

        Thank you for sharing your story and being so honest…


      • Thankfully that ugly “happening” was 26 yrs ago…Honestly its one of only 2 times in my entire life, that racial funkiness touched me “physically”..It was brought to the forefront of my mind when I read what happened to you…But yes, due to recent events/murders happening in our country; there is still much more work to be done to erase any traces of racism. Much more indeed…If only to just stop it from resulting or erupting into physical harm or murder; that would be a major step forward. Ignoring that “it” exists hasn’t stopped a thing..


  3. Its not the colour of your skin,Its the skin you’re in.probably aware of more than those,who see with their eyes and nose.You live on a higher plane,this is your gain.Do not dispair,just look within and see how beautiful your are in your own skin!!!!!!


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