Wow, C’est Bon!

Z, my baby girl, is buckets-o-fun.

Through her, I get to see the world with glittering eyes: colorful, curious, and all agog.

Her playful and joyful attitude humbles me; sometimes I wonder if we’re really cut from the same cloth … but I’m convinced it’s God in her.

She says the quirkiest and smiliest things, her latest phrase being:

Wow! C'est bon!

*Translated: Wow, it’s good!

Just yesterday, we went to the clinic for her 2-year check up. As we entered through the sliding doors she screamed, “Wow, c’est bon!” Meanwhile, I was muttering, “Please God, don’t let this be a long stressful appointment.”

… talk about attitude check!

The beauty of this expression is that it’s active. You’ve got to say it with:

  • Tremendous oomph
  • Hands raised
  • Loud voice

If you don’t follow protocol, it won’t deliver the intended dose of joy.

Try it: “Wow! C’est bon!”


2 thoughts on “Wow, C’est Bon!

  1. She sounds wonderful! Aren’t little kids the greatest? Their spontaneity and excitement and uninhibited natures are something we all could learn from… Wow, c’est bon! And lucky her to grow up learning two languages! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing, Bupe!


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