Like Mist

What is your life?

Life vanishes like mist
One moment here
Next moment missed
Are you living to hear:
Raise your fist
Good and faithful dear
You fought with grit

What is your life?
You are a mist that appears for a while and then vanishes
James 4:13–14


9 thoughts on “Like Mist

      • Thanks for asking my friend…My recovery is going fabulously well! Finally over the worst of the hump & the pain..My 3 entry points? Can barely be seen & will be invisible..My cazillion internal stitches are healing very well..Still off from work but head back Tuesday & very excited to get back to my normal routine…I’d recommend this surgery to anyone who wants a nonconventional & much , much quicker recovery..Just keep in mind quick doesn’t mean there won’t be great pain..There is an update of my recovery under my 50 hours post -surgery post…

        I do hope your baby girl is still over there smiling & smiling! I’ve got my big kool-aid grin back now that the painful part is over . Yay!


      • That’s wonderful news! I’m glad you’re healing up and getting back to smiling and laughing “painlessly.”

        I’ll come over and read your update.

        Happy and blessed labor day weekend!


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