WPC: Enchanting Sea

There’s something magical about the vast open sea 
The allure, the charm, the stunning shades of blue, captivate my senses
The seductive ocean scent and lulling crashing waves
Ferry me to this enchanting Narnia, where love twinkles and heals all brokenness
What kind of emotions do the sea or ocean conjure up for you? To visit more magical and captivating places, check out the WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge.

Photos were taken in Chania, Greece.

14 thoughts on “WPC: Enchanting Sea

  1. @What kind of emotions do the sea or ocean conjure up for you?>>

    Perhaps because I was born under a water sign, Cancer, that I’m drawn to the water..I was taught to swim before I was even able to crawl; and hardly get to swim 1/2 as much as I’d like to these days…One of the things I love most about California are all of the beautiful beaches…My perfect paradise? To live on a beach edge & wake up every morning to the sound of the water lapping against the land..Great majority of our biological make-up consistents of water..Emotions that come to mind as I look over the sea or ocean? Peace. Serenity. Love & at one with nature


    • Yes, there’s just something so magical and peaceful and serene about the beach and the “sound of water lapping against the land.” You’re right, it is connected to our biology; after all, we did spend all that time in an ocean-like environment before entering this world.

      How close are you to living your perfect paradise?

      By the way, it’s been a while since you wrote some poetry … no?


      • Well, not as close as I’d like to be..Least there are 2 pools within my complex. Surrounded by a tranquil forest like & very green setting. Quiet & lovely ..Also since relocating to the this Coast I’m still on a Coast of nice beaches. Just haven’t yet been to but one..

        You’re correct I’ve not written a poetic piece in a bit..Or least I’ve not published it here..There is a piece I’ve been working on for a bit & when its finished I’ll be posting it. My first writing love is poetry & its why I can appreciate it when others write it


      • awww What a nice thing to say! And to observe..Because I’m at my overall best when I’ve the flow to write poetry. Now that I’m well over the hump of recovering from surgery I’ll work some more on the piece I’d tabled.


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    • Doesn’t it? I always feel like there’s a whole other world at the “border” between sky and ocean. There’s just something about living around the natural environment in general…some day…


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