What’s in a Connection?

What is it about humans that makes us crave connection?
Personally, one of the best things about blogging is the interaction and sense of community it fosters.

ConnectionI value connecting with people and reading about their thoughts and experiences, as well as travelling to different locations through their photography. I enjoy sending comments back and forth and welcoming folks into my world. I appreciate the sense of belonging that comes with blogging consistently; it fuels my confidence and reinforces my sense of mattering.

Granted, when I first started Uwana I wanted to remain somewhat anonymous. I figured that blogging would be a great opportunity for me to create this whole new persona and be whomever I wanted to be. Truthfully though, anonymity was intended to protect me from the “real” world. Yes, I was insecure about the content on my blog:

  • Does what I have to say matter?
  • Will folks even read my content?
  • Will they care to connect?

The clincher: you can only run away from yourself for so long.

Although I’m still apprehensive about how much to share, I find I’m being challenged to be more vulnerable, because being vulnerable is not weakness.

So what if my words don’t always resonate with folks? If I continue being me, without harming or offending anyone, it’s all good!

But, I will say that the WordPress community is awesome. I’ve connected with fantastic people and visited so many inspiring, thought-provoking, encouraging, beautiful, honest, and funny blogs. The talent and creativity out there is astounding; it’s a testament to the unique DNA that each of us carries: we all have amazing stories to tell.

How much of yourself do you share on your blog?
What vibe does your blog radiate?
Do you use an alias (I guess this would defeat the purpose of an alias though, wouldn’t it)?

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28 thoughts on “What’s in a Connection?

  1. i love the WP community too! there is so much inspiration and its so easy to connect! personally, i share quite alot of my own self on my blog- mostly through poetry. i also had these insecurities but then i thought – writing is something i really enjoy- and its a great thing getting plenty of readers but i was also doing it for me. and it feels great!


    • How kind of you to say that, thanks Wendy!

      See that’s why I appreciate your blog … there’s always a rich word and stunning photography to enjoy and meditate on. Bless you for being you 🙂


  2. Hehehe. You know very well how much of myself I share on my blog! It’s funny — I didn’t plan to be anonymous when I started my blog, but I also didn’t intend to share as much of my personal life as I have, either. I thought I would focus only on Asia… And yet… When it came down to it, the things that really make me tick — that create great writing that clicks with people — were the everyday things that make me me. So… here I am!

    I too have really enjoyed the sense of community that I’ve found on WordPress. I’ve made some really great friends (including you). And I definitely don’t think being a little bit vulnerable is a sign of weakness. In fact, sometimes it’s a sign of strength. It takes courage to admit that we aren’t perfect. 😉

    Ooh ooh, and I totally get what you mean about resonation. When I first started blogging, my dad was my primary reader, and if I wrote something that didn’t click for him, I was crushed. Now, I couldn’t care less. I will never be able to resonate with all of my readers all of the time, but so long as what I write resonates with someone, I will consider my post a success.

    Blog on! 🙂


    • Hi Jess!

      Haha, so I’ve learned about your openness and have been inspired by it ;).

      It’s funny because showing people who you are, warts and all, is hard. It really does take strength to be vulnerable. Nobody wants to look the fool and vulnerability challenges that right? It’s like here I am, so what! So I’ve had to deal with the shame and vulnerability bug in my life in general. I’m getting there.

      I’m super happy to have found you too 🙂 You’re always so thoughtful and honest…refreshing!


      • Thank you. I’m glad to hear that. And I love your stuff, too. You ask good questions… And, yeah, no one’s perfect. The sooner we stop pretending we are the better off we’ll be!

        Much love to you, Bupe!


  3. No worries. I was like you were. My first blog, my identity was hidden. Then I got itchy. 😀 I pretty much very open now. I say what I want, echoing being harmless, and however I want to say it. Yes, the WP does have a great community of gifted and engaging bloggers. Glad you find people like me. Ahihihihi 😆


  4. Nice to meet you Uwana!

    I believe what makes us want to connect and come out of anonymity and secrecy is the very thing that separates us humans from all other creatures. God created us to commune, to engage, to converse, and to be understood – (1st and foremost with Him!) and then with others. No other creature was created in the way He made us. It is an inbuilt longing / craving to commune and connect that cannot be eradicated. This is where all our writings, lyrics, and poems are born.



  5. Hi and thanks for stopping by my blog again. WordPress is one huge family/community.
    I felt like you did in the beginning and then I thought, If I’m going to write about something as important as Depression? Then I had to be open honest and upfront. I use my name always as it’s helped me get closer to my readers. i hug the world as that’s also important. I don’t want to segregate anyone from my blog. I love everyone of every religion and race. Personally I’m not religious but that has nothing to do with anything. I say write your heart out. Hugs to you. Paula xxxxx


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  7. Vulnerability is certainly not a weakness. I must say though that it is something to be guarded. It’s a precious gift, and I worry that overexposing it in such an abrasive world will see it callous over. Thanks for opening up in the ways you do to the community.


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