WPC: Inside Traditional African Beer


In many African rural areas, a party is not a party without the sharing of traditional beer. Inside this bucket is a home-made fermented brew that was served at my brother’s wedding in Swaziland; notice the fancy glassware.

All this talk about African beer reminds me of the hit 80s song, Umqombothi, famously performed by South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka:

I work hard every day
To make my beer (Umqombothi)
Wake up early every morning
To please my people with African beer (Umqombothi)
I make sure the fire burns
To make my beer (Umqombothi)
My special beer Umqombothi
Is African beer

I work hard to make them happy
Every weekend (Umqombothi)
Makes them party to the rhythm
Makes them dance, this magic beer (Umqobothi)
I wanna make you happy (Umqobothi)
I wanna make you smile (Umqobothi)
I wanna make you dance, dance
I’ll make sure there’s a party
Where they drink my special beer
Umqombothi is magic beer
Umqombothi is African beer

17 thoughts on “WPC: Inside Traditional African Beer

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  2. What are the ingredients used to make this beer? Here in the US, beer brewing is becoming very popular. The ingredients here are hops and barley malt, I believe. When I spent time in West Africa, there were always “libations” for every meeting or ceremony. But since I don’t drink alcohol, I never paid much attention to what it actually was…


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