Living Without Limits

Don't let fear hold you back

This message was inspired by a message called, “Fear is holding you back,” by Bishop TD Jakes.


21 thoughts on “Living Without Limits

  1. Believe it or not? Some of the things I’ve done that I “feared”? Were the BEST things I’ve experienced..The exhilaration of doing IT , achieving it, and tasting that is priceless..And has promoted a feeling of self-growth that can’t be substituted. Long ago I touched a snake! Some exhibit (somewhere can’t recall where..thats how long ago it was!) and though I still don’t care for snakes or to be around them? I did IT. And? They aren’t cold..which I thought beforehand. That is but one small thing I feared yet finally did to get past fear. Fear is one of our worst enemies. And it stunts our growth in so many ways! And? Alot of our fears are so simply gotten over & past if we just push past it..


    • Berna, I gotta say, I’ll leave the snake touching to you, LOL.

      But seriously though, fear is such a crippling factor in our lives. It seems like I never quite get over it. Your words resonate with me, and I totally believe you when you say that some of the things you feared were your best experiences. It’s just getting past the worry, anxiety, and what ifs etc etc. And the truth is, unless we step out and face our fears, we won’t know what truly lies deep inside of us, the wonderful things that God wants to reveal through us. So I’m just trusting God, to tell the truth. There is no other way.


  2. Amen to this. I love it….we fear things and when we push through we see that there was nothing to fear after all. Of all the emotions, this is the one that cripples us and stops us dead in our tracks! Perhaps that’s why God had to tell us that ‘He didn’t give us a spirit of fear….” So when we feel it we would know immediately it’s not from Him.

    Great post.
    Blessings sister


  3. But fear , as it inhibits us from setting forth into unknown territories, also protects us from danger does it not? To me therefore it is not fear that is the core issue. It is our attitude towards it and the way we tackle it. What do you say?



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