When Did You Last Read an Obituary?

Everyday we brush quickly through the obituary section, whether it’s in the newspaper or online.

Maybe it’s because none of the names or faces have any relation or meaning to us. But to God and their loved ones, the passing of these people weighs very heavily.

Although not everyone will be famous or make a loud visible impact on society, everyone’s life is valued and significant.

To us it may just be another dead person in the obituary notice, but to someone else, it could be a:

  • Mother who carried them for 9 months
  • Father who sacrificed his dreams to give his children a better life
  • Friend who nurtured and cared for them when no one else could

To us it may just be another death, but to Christ it is another precious soul He died for! Every individual is worth the high price paid for by the blood of Jesus.

Let’s value every life like our own. Only then will we live truly fulfilled lives!

 … Words of wisdom from my very inspiring brother.


7 thoughts on “When Did You Last Read an Obituary?

  1. Yes, are lives are like the specks of sand, but every life has value if we live according to the plan God has ordained for us. If one person in my life finds Jesus because of something I said or did, I feel my life was successful. All of the angels in heaven rejoiced because of this salvation just like they did when you and I became saved. 🙂 sle


  2. I must confess that I scan the obituaries for those deaths which might personally affect myself or my loved ones. I don’t think of that as discounting others since I have a limited capacity for contact, etc. I agree,however, that we don’t have a limited capacity for acceptance and acknowledgement of the importance of all souls. Good post as a reminder.


    • Yeah. It’s not discounting others. It’s the realization that someone somewhere is hurting. We all could do with a larger dose of compassion and acceptance of others, as you phrased it. Thanks for stopping by.


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