Are You Fluent in Emoji?


Yes, I’m a self-confessed dummy when it comes to “speaking” emoji.

A Japanese transplant, the word emoji literally means “picture” (e) + “character” (moji) or “picture letter.”

I can handle the simple Smiling Face 🙂 or Disappointed Face :(, but I have no idea how or when to use the myriad of other emoji.

Only today, I discovered the icon for The Joy emoji —also referred to on the ­Emojipedia website as “Face With Tears of Joy” or “the LOL Emoji.”

In an effort to stave off my ignorance, I thought it was time to learn this evolving language, so as to better use the emoji keyboard next time it flashes on my smart phone.

Take the quiz: How well do you speak emoji?

Below you’ll find meanings for some basic emoji. Check out Emojipedia for a more comprehensive list of emoji meanings.



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