I’ll Have Some Vitamin C With My Arithmetic


As the parent of a threenager, meal times can be a battle—the bribery and pleading required to get my 3-year-old through a feeding cycle can be exhausting.

Sometimes I have no will to fight and easily succumb to her ridiculous antics (procrastination, escapism, whining). Other times I find creative ways to keep her engaged AND eating, which is the end goal.

Recently, when the threenager refused to eat her fruit, I decided to make a game of it. I peeled a clementine and asked her to count the individual segments as she ate them. Since she loves counting, she’d eat a piece, count how many remained, eat another, and so on until she’d munched all 12 pieces. In the end, baby girl had gotten a dose of vitamin C and practiced some arithmetic.

How do you inspire or encourage feeding with your toddler?


Share your thoughts. I promise to respond.

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