Lord, Please Don’t Let Me Screw Up My Children


Dear God,

This parenting gig is hard. Raising a baby boy and feisty threenager ain’t easy.

Making decisions. Instilling discipline. Constantly asking “is this normal?” Trying to be consistent. Growing future leaders and decision-makers is a tremendous responsibility.

Guilt is a major culprit. That nagging sensation drenched in regret, accusing me of short-changing my children because of something I should have done or avoided, leaving me in a pit of inadequacy.


I’m painfully aware that the choices I make today will impact my children’s tomorrows; decisions made regarding choice of name, medical care, education, nutrition, spirituality, relationships, you name it, are laying the foundation for their future selves. I just pray that these decisions won’t require years of therapy, or lead to general unhappiness and resentment.

I cringe when I think about the times I gave my parents a hard time for certain decisions they made on my behalf. Looking back, I realize that they did the best they could with the information they had, and all in the name of love.

Lord you’ve patiently been guiding me through this parenting stuff. My children are a gift from you. Please, just don’t let me screw them up!


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