147 Lives: #GarissaAttack

Garissa, Kenya

147, the number of innocent lives that tragically perished following the cowardly terrorist acts at Garissa University College in Kenya.

Members of Al-Shabab, an al Qaeda-linked terrorist group based in Somalia attacked Christian students in a manner reminiscent of the Westgate Mall attack (September 20, 2013).

So why do I feel like the Kenyan Government has not learned from the #WestGateAttack? Why is security blatantly deficient in the wake of this devastating attack?

To quote Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta:

We have suffered unnecessarily due to a shortage of security personnel. Kenya needs additional officers, and I will not keep the nation waiting.

It’s tragic that nearly 18 months later, Kenyans are once again grieving the loss of at least 147 people —more than double the casualty at Westgate Mall! Where are the national security reforms? What strategies have been implemented to combat terrorism and better protect Kenyan citizens?

Below are some thoughts from Twitter on the Garissa attack.

This Easter I grieve for the lives of my countrymen whose innocent blood was needlessly shed, and for the injured who begin a heartbreaking road to recovery. May the families find comfort.

God bless Kenya and grant her peace.

#Pray4Kenya #CowardsNeverWin #OneKenya


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