Hi Stranger, Want to Talk Religion or Politics?

politics and religion

Yay or nay?
It’s never a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know.

Talking to folks about:

  • Religion
  • Politics, or
  • Football (soccer for the Americans)

will often get you into trouble, especially in this social media era where pretty much everything you say is immortalized and taken out of context. Twitter always has an opinion and a hater will find you and troll you.

But still, sometimes we need to talk about what’s uncomfortable for the sake of raising awareness against an injustice. Heck, people should be free to challenge their leaders when ignorance, corruption, and greed impinge on a person’s basic right to live. When compassion for our neighbors and fellow citizens is called into question, then we must speak up, even with people we don’t really know.

Has the world gone crazy?

Lately my heart has been breaking. The news is rampant with heinous crimes against humanity. I’ve written about some of these issues (terrorism in Kenya and xenophobia in South Africa), but you only need to read the news to witness the indescribable things that human beings are doing to each other (#BlackLivesMatter).

Sometimes I wonder if the world has gone crazy. I mean wouldn’t this headline break your heart:

So yes, there’s a time and place to discuss politics and religion. But right now I feel powerless and all I can do is encourage healthy dialogue.

We must reach out to everyone we know and talk to them—just as violence can go viral, so can love (Chikwe Ihekweazu)

What about you guys? Is it ever a good idea to discuss religion or politics with people you don’t really know?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Polite Company.”


4 thoughts on “Hi Stranger, Want to Talk Religion or Politics?

  1. I have to admit I clicked on this post because I really like the title! A good read!
    My friend will talk politics a little bit with me because I have volunteered on campaigns for local candidates so they know I’m knowledgeable. They can ask me about their candidate. I never tell someone who to vote for, I just give them the info to make an informed decision. Religion is a topic that I won’t discuss. My Mom has a friend who is a bible thumper and it makes us uncomfortable


    • Haha! Glad you stopped by to talk :).

      I like your approach to discussing politics; it certainly applies to any tough conversation. I also don’t believe in forcing my beliefs or principles on someone. The most you can do is share your knowledge or faith and then let folks decide. This way they can own their decision and be accountable.


  2. I’m always game for touching on tough topics. But I dust my sandals off if I get the feeling the other person just wants to spout off and not engage in a healthy and respectful dialogue. Discussions that foster mutual understanding and growth are good. Abuse is not. What I love about talking with someone who believes differently than I do is the potential for finding common ground. Everyone desires to be heard–not necessarily agreed with–just acknowledged and respected.

    I don’t know how God bears all that is going on in this world. The little bits I hear about can knock me off my feet. I’m so glad that justice and mercy will prevail in the long run. May the Lord return soon.

    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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    • Yeah if folks start getting defensive and irritable, you know it’s time to move on from the convo. And like you said, everyone wants to be heard and respected…basic principles of healthy dialogue. Wisdom has also taught me that having an open mind is important if the conversation is to progress, especially when dealing with tough topics like religion and politics.

      In the end, thanks for the reminder that justice and mercy will prevail; God is on the throne (phew!).


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