Do you spring clean your blogroll?

Are you in the habit of spring cleaning your blog roll or your following on social media?

I just spent the past hour pruning my blogroll, essentially unfollowing blogs that are either dead or haven’t been active for more than a year.


For someone who hates clutter, it feels good to clean up shop; there’s something unsettling about a long blog list with inactive links.

Building a better blogroll

So what inspired this cleanup? A post titled Build a Better Blogroll by Michelle W.

As per advice in this article, I accessed the “Blogs I Follow” widget on my site to display some fav bloggers. But alas, my blogroll was populated by a bunch of dead avatars, necessitating some weeding and a much more selective approach. I was able to whittle it down by 30 blogs!

Iron sharpens iron: Expanding my Reader feed

Now that I’ve pruned my blogroll, I find myself in need of new bloggers to follow.


Let’s be honest, the blogosphere is intimidating. The amount of talent out there is vast and replete with incredible voices often articulating things better than I could ever imagine. But if I’m to improve my writing and expand my blogular niche, I’ve got to put myself out there. After all, “iron sharpens iron.”

So here I am, looking to connect with like-minded folks as I build a blogroll that’s on fleek! I enjoy fun, interactive voices that blog about:

  • Parenting/motherhood/family
  • Inspirational life experiences
  • Faith/Christianity
  • Social justice
  • Photography
  • Science

I hope this doesn’t sound like an online dating jig (no shade). Wish me luck as I go to meet new people.


6 thoughts on “Do you spring clean your blogroll?

  1. I do this often, especially when WordPress reader shows the same post every time I check. I thought there was an error, then I realized, the blogs I’ve followed were not posting anymore. So here I am looking for blogs to follow. 🙂
    You can follow my blog: as I post my life learnings. 🙂 I’ll follow your blog, too. You seem active. 😉


    • Hi there fellow blogger. I’m having fun discovering new voices. Travelling to other blogs is good for growth.

      I’ve been trying to be more active recently. Last year I barely had time to write and missed it. I’ll come check out your blog when I’m on my laptop; the phone doesn’t always offer the best experience.


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