How Do You Overcome the Fear of Man?

Fear_Proverbs 29-25

The Fear of man or “what will people think” syndrome manifests in so many situations:

  • At job interviews
  • When creating or publishing content
  • At public speaking events
  • When meeting new people
  • Basically anytime you’re being vulnerable
  • You name it: _____________________

Any time we’re thrown out of our comfort zone, fear is likely to creep in, and it can be paralyzing.

Faith offends the instinct to remain stationary; fear keeps us stuck

But the Lord tells us not to be afraid.


Because fear challenges our faith in God: without faith it is impossible to please God. Fear cannot coexist with faith. It contradicts God’s promise to be with us no matter what. Faith offends the instinct to remain stationary, whereas fear keeps us stuck.

The fear of man brings a snare. Trust in God keeps us grounded

Wisdom tells us that the fear of man only entraps us and it can be debilitating.

I’ve always had an irrational fear of public speaking. With time and practice, I’ve learned to overcome this fear. I remember an incident where I had to pitch a project to a major client and fear gripped me to the point where my physiology overtook my mind: elevated heart rate, dry mouth, shakes, sweating, overactive bladder—it wasn’t a cute look!

But when you know better, you do better. I’m learning that the antidote to fear of man is trust in God. He will keep us safe and boost our confidence when we need it most.

So you choked, what can man really do to you?

Next time you’re thrust into an uncomfortable situation, ask yourself, “What can man really do to me?”

It sounds simplistic, but it’s true. The person in front of you is human just like you. Therefore don’t let opinions, possible opinions, attitudes, or fear of rejection control you. Trust that God made you uniquely wonderful and capable to overcome the task or situation at hand.

TD Jakes said it well:

Fear is like a seed in the womb of your mind, it’s your choice to incubate it or reject it.

Today and always, choose to reject fear. Trust and believe that just like last time, God will get you through this situation. He got this!

How do you overcome the fear of man?


Share your thoughts. I promise to respond.

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