Kingdom Intelligence and the Renewed Mind

Kingdom intelligence: Renewed mind, spiritual perception, and emotional intelligence

We all know that the mind needs to be grown/renewed. Cultivating our minds connects us to purpose and helps us become effective leaders in our spheres of influence.

And so the renewed mind is a huge driver of success. We learn more about this concept in the Book of Romans:

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will (Romans 12:2).

By renewing our minds (changing the way we think) we gain access to the will of God, and so are better able to perceive/discern what is good and acceptable in various situations. In other words, we increase our emotional intelligence—the ability to understand, express, and manage our emotions and the emotions of others.

Together, the renewed mind and emotional intelligence converge into a concept I like to call kingdom intelligence. We’ll talk more about kingdom intelligence in future blogs, but you can visualize my interpretation of it below.

Renewed mind. Renewed Connections.

Then I saw the heavens open and the Lord reached out his hand and touched my mind. He released a wave of electricity and re-circuited my synapses. He extended neuronal connections and opened up networks to pathways that hadn’t existed before. I saw him increase neurotransmitters in my mind. I saw him breathe into my grey matter. I saw my brain pulsating as neurons fired.

The Lord God released His glory into my mind. He gave me the Mind of Daniel and the Wisdom of Solomon. He unlocked gateways. He connected knowledge to compassion, wisdom to justice, and understanding to implementation. The Lord declared a time of renewal and refreshing, a season of transformation.

Education and training 

I closed my eyes and opened my ears attentively. The Lord spoke to me of education. He gave me the keys to education. He unlocked curriculums and programs and information systems. He wrote books within my heart. He released volumes of material.

Train people. Teach people. Release knowledge. Be faithful in seedtime. Seed for transformation. Release the message of understanding and wisdom of the kingdom of God.

Making the Message accessible

Make the Bible accessible to folks. Transform it into a tool for practical living. Your mission is to restore the very word of God into society.

The word of God is living. Active. Transformative. Though it is life altering, many don’t have access: their minds are not open to discovery.

Like water, the word is abundant, but access to it is not universal. Only some have hearts for discovery. Only few have minds for understanding. Fewer still have fortitude for implementation.

Create tools. Create resources. Create programs. Educate. Teach. Empower. Unlock the truths of the Bible. Make known its accessibility. Make known the principles, the laws that stand firm in the heavens forever.

Write it down and implement.


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