Top 10 Picks for Mother’s Day Messages From Twitter and Beyond

What’s the most important holiday in May? Obviously it’s Mother’s Day.
I had fun journeying through Twitter to see what the world had to say about this special day. Continue reading for my top 10 picks from around the world.

1–It goes without saying that I am eternally grateful for my mother’s love and support. Though I didn’t post my sentiments on Twitter or Facebook (she doesn’t own either account), this tweet sums up my feelings quite nicely.

Mother's Day

2–These days, it seems like social media love carries more weight than face-to-face affection #fronting.

Mother's Day tweet

3–Remembering and honoring the angel mothers who are no longer with us.

Mother's Day tweet

4–A mother’s love is alpha and omega—from beginning to end.

Mother's Day

5–Giving props to the single dads who step up and slay both roles as mother and father.

Mother's Day tweet

6–Empowering women empowers a society. Let’s recognize and reward women’s work every day, not just on Mother’s Day #genderequality.

Mother's Day

7–Tribute to this Canadian woman and all others who offer free grandmother services to young mothers and their children who need mothering. 

Mother's Day

8–Mom always knows best #hindsightis2020.

Mother's Day

9–Endearing how Justin Bieber thanked his mom for ending his stupid phase. Haven’t we all been there?

Mother's Day tweet

10–This is a sober reminder to always treasure our mothers!

Mother's Day

What is an important lesson you’ve learned from your mother?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Journey.”


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