LEGO vs Mega Bloks? Who Reigns Supreme?

LEGO vs Mega BloksInevitably, there comes a time when every parent has to make difficult choices: LEGO vs Mega Bloks? Kind of like iPhone vs android.

My Princess loves her building blocks. She’s been telling stories using creative bricks since she was one. So which brand of construction set does one choose for the avid builder?

Growing up, I was exposed to LEGO, so that’s all I knew until moving to Montreal where the headquarters of Mega Bloks is located. For this reason I do like Mega Bloks; I can’t help but support Canadian business.

Though Mega Bloks are generally cheaper, LEGO still wins in our household for the following reasons:

  1. Compared to Mega Bloks, LEGO offers my daughter better maneuverability and stickability; the LEGO bricks stick together better making her less frustrated during play.
  2. In my opinion, the plastic quality of LEGO is superior to Mega Bloks. With time, I find that Mega Bloks lose their “clutch power” and don’t hold well together.
  3. I love that the recommended age group for classic LEGO creative bricks is 1 to 99 years—genius advertising! The whole family can play along.
  4. LEGO bricks are durable. LEGO made 50 years ago still works perfectly with bricks made yesterday.
  5. The LEGO community offers online design and ideas; you feel like you belong to something.

Who wins in your household? Which brand do your kids prefer to build with? What’s the difference between the two construction sets?


Share your thoughts. I promise to respond.

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