Tales From 2AM Feedings: Of Raspberries, Bubbles, and Sound

Before my eyes he utters a new language. Discovering sounds that were once foreign to him, but now constitute the fabric of his personality.

As he explores his voice, blowing raspberries (razzies), spitting bubbles, announcing “I am here,” I can’t help but be proud.

Minion blowing razzies

Razzies teach babies how to regulate their voice, how to turn it on and off, change the volume and the pitch. It shows them how to navigate the diaphragm, mouth, lips, and tongue (Tara Kehoe, speech and language pathologist).

We laugh, we giggle, we exchange razzies, we enjoy this back and forth communication, a wonderful foundation for future conversations.

A journey of self-discovery unfolds. Even at the tender age of 4 months, his voice is bold, his will unshakeable, his eyes curiously taking in this large, colorful, noisy world.

I can’t believe I get to parent this awesome baby boy. It’s a privilege I’ll never take for granted.


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