That Moment When Your Child Outsmarts You

Truly, it’s got to be a privilege to watch children grow and mature before your eyes.

My 4-year-old Princess continues to astonish me with her wit and emotional intellect. She really knows how to navigate tense situations, even when I’m downright mad at her. Take this situation for example:

  • After rough handling her little brother, I disciplined Princess Z with a time out. Sensing that I was unhappy with her behavior, Princess Z decided to win me over using her armamentarium of mommy tools: crayons and coloring sheets. I watched her transform Peppa Pig from a white empty shell into a bold colorful life force, a process she calls “change the colors.”

Once she was satisfied, this is what she presented to me along with an innocent charming question, “Mommy are you happy now?

Peppa pig

Mommy are you happy now?

My heart MELTED.

Even though her actions were one part manipulation, one part intellect, and one part me being a total sucker for her charm, I couldn’t help but smile loudly. She knows me better than I realized. It’s commendable that this smartly colored Peppa Pig could overturn my mood so quickly.

Kids really do say the darndest things. What’s been a proud or witty moment with your child?


2 thoughts on “That Moment When Your Child Outsmarts You

  1. Very cute! I have seen those moments in the classroom. Not sure how I’ll handle them when I become a mom… It’s good you know she is twisting the situation to be in her favor!


    • You’ll probably handle it like a big goof, we all do, lol. We know what they’re doing but we’ve drunk so much of the kool aid that we don’t care, we Just love our kids. And that’s why they get away with so much hehehe!

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