365 Moments (D1): How Does Parental Leave Rank in Your Nation?

Remember when I wrote about creating a 365-day motivation guide of magical moments? Well today’s gratitude or magical moment comes courtesy of the generous parental leave and “cheap” daycare options available in Quebec, Canada.

To date, one of my greatest joys has been the one-year maternity leave I’ve been able to spend with each of my kids, a notion that sounds foreign and breeds envy amongst many.

Granted the pay has not been spectacular, and hardly compares to the potential wages earned with full-time employment; still, the TIME spent is priceless! I get to enjoy motherhood without the stress of struggling for a pay cheque.

  • Aside: Paid maternity leave isn’t “free:” I earned it via hours worked and tax contributions.

With these family friendly policies in place, I have been able to spend the first year of my children’s lives exclusively at home—a privilege that many other nations are not yet afforded, including the U.S.

Take a look at the global maps below (courtesy of WORLD Policy Forum) to get a better indication of where your nation stands with regards to paid parental leave.


Share your thoughts. I promise to respond.

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