Is There Any Good News Anymore?

Is it just me, or does the media not report good news anymore?

Seems to me like we’re constantly being barraged by tragic, devastating, hateful media content. It’s overwhelming. Just when you’re coming to grips with one heartbreaking situation, another horrible incident occurs.

Is there any good out there? Why aren’t we hearing more about it? At some point this deluge of bad news will only serve to desensitize us.

I think it’s important to balance all the legitimately tragic news with positive stories as well. My heart cannot continue to consume this bad press.

So in an age where the media is constantly pumping out negative, dark, gloomy, hateful, tragic stories, there’s wisdom in turning to your Bible … it’s replete with GOOD NEWS and pages upon pages of LOVE and HOPE for all humanity.

How do you feel about all the doom and gloom news coverage?


8 thoughts on “Is There Any Good News Anymore?

  1. I agree – hence never buy a newspaper. I catch headlines on the radio and then let Facebook give me the good and the bad. It turns out that my many friends bring the news faster than the papers and are more than happy to share the good things as much as the bad. 🙂

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  2. We don’t have a television and rarely listen to the radio, so we aren’t totally bombarded. I do read our small town newspaper but violent crime is low and an occasional heated city council meeting is about as bad as things usually get. However being online, headlines do pop up on our homepage and of course when something really big and bad happens everyone is talking about it on social media or blogs. I try to keep a rule that I don’t let anything into my home or my heart via media that I wouldn’t let in the front door. I am on a couple of e-mail lists to receive positive messages. Guideposts magazine has a couple of nice daily email lists. The reason I write my blog is to help myself and others deal with the constant barrage of negativity out there.

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